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Making the Right First Impression!


Your  home has become a product. That product is your house and as with any  product for sale, your house will have to be marketed. To gain an edge  in your marketplace, you must be priced right and look better than the  competition. The best, proven way to package your house and gain that  competitive edge is to Stage It!  At Staging Spaces SA,  we expertly prepare your  home for sale by using proven and timeless  "Staging" techniques. We de-clutter, rearrange furniture and  accessorize so that it appeals to the widest range of today's home  buyers and generates the highest price in the least amount of time.    We all know the  phrase "you never get a second chance to make a good first impression."  Whether a potential buyer is viewing your home personally or on the  internet, it is critical that a great first impression be made.  You  want them to fall in love with your home and be anxious to make a top  dollar offer.  


Make More Money in Less Time!


If you want to sell your home fast and for the highest possible selling price, Home Staging is the answer.      Research shows that on average Home Staging will:             Decrease time on market by 50%*          Increase sales price by nearly 7%*   No  matter what your home's age, price or location - whether it is plain or  professionally decorated - Home Staging can work for you.  That's  because at Staging Spaces SA, we focus exclusively on  designing a plan that will generate the maximum amount of offers, not  around personal taste. Remember, ASP Home Staging is NOT decorating.  Decorating is personalizing and Home Staging is DE-personalizing.       

Let Us Tell You How We Work



Perfect for the "DIY" person. Prior to any house going on the market, a  Consultation will provide valuable feedback on how to best showcase its potential.  While touring the house with you, we give you all the recommendations  you need to Stage the house yourself. With consultations,  you have the choice to take the notes yourself or have a  written  detailed report emailed to you. Most Consultations range from 1.5 to 2 hours

Hands On / Occupied Staging

 For  those busy individuals that need the extra help. Hands On Staging is  designed for sellers’ who will continue to live in the house while it is  on the market.  After the initial consult,   Sellers will be given a  "to do" list.  Once the list is completed, we will come back to Stage  your house and have it photo ready.  We can do as much or as little as  you need us to do.  

Vacant Home Staging

After viewing the property,  you  will be given a proposal for us to Stage your house with rental  furniture, art and accessories.  Each room will be individually analyzed  to create flow and balance.  This can be provided for all rooms or  select rooms.        There is no fee for the proposal. 

Staging Redesign or Staged to Live

This is when you are not selling your home but would like to enhance  your living space. Re-Design is transforming a single room or your  entire home. Our services include:  




    Furniture arrangement

    Art & Accessory Updates

    Paint Updates

We Can Do As Much Or As Little As You Need

Since  Home Staging is important for every home seller, our pricing is  affordable for everyone.  Each home is unique in it's needs so we  customize a package specifically for your home but most importantly your  budget.  Be assured that we understand the importance of keeping your  investment to a minimum.   After all, you're moving!  

Can you afford not to Stage?

 Please call us  today at 210.725.9136 for our service fees.  


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